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Freestanding Ballet Barres

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About the Freestanding Ballet Barres

This Freestanding Frame includes barres on both sides which are independently adjustable from approximately 31” -45” in height.

This is the strongest, best braced and most easily adjustable portable ballet bar you can buy. Cross braces to make them stable and rigid. Disassembles (without tools) in about a minute and can be transported in even a small car.

The bottom of the frame has plastic non-marring feet to give added protection against scratching the floor. The frame is made of steel with a bright chrome finish and the cross braces are made of steel with a powder coated white finish.

Barres are made with poplar and are hand-sanded smooth and ready to use. Adding a clear coat finish is unnecessary. As the wood barre is used, the natural oils from hands give the barres a hand-rubbed look that is traditional. However, the wood is ready to be painted if a painted surface is desired.

Available in 3 standard lengths. Barre diameter is approximately 1-7/8”, wood may not be perfectly round. Units weigh approximately 18 lbs.

Traditionally, a ballet barre should be approximately waist height of the user. However, the following statistics are very popular:
Single barre: 32” to 46” from floor (waist level)
Double barre: 32” to 34” lower barre; 44” to 46” from the floor for upper barre
Distance from wall to barre: Inside = 7-1/4” (approx) Outside = 9” (approx)

Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.



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Recommended Uses for the Freestanding Ballet Barres

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Dance Training
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