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About the Mirrors

Our mirrors use the same amazing space age super reflective material used in the Hubble Space Telescope. An image good enough for the stars.

Our glassless mirrors are made from a metallized plastic film, and they give a brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass, with no ghost images. Glassless Mirror panels are shatterproof and can be used in an environment where glass mirrors can be hazardous if impacted, making them much safer than glass. Check with your insurance company for possible savings on your liability premium.

Since Glassless Mirror panels are lightweight they are easily transportable and are an ideal choice for non-load bearing application. For example, our popular 4' X 6' vertical mirror, with stacking wheels, weighs only twelve pounds!

Glassless Mirrors can be affixed to any flat surface with minimal or no preparation. Since they are light weight, wall inserts and mirror supports are unnecessary. The mirrors can be mounted directly to finished plaster, wood paneling and interior partitioning.

Because the MirrorliteĀ® Glassless Mirror panel face is only one thousandth of an inch thick, it has virtually no mass, no static electricity. Dust and grime are not attracted to the panel surface. If the panel should become dirty, it is easily cleaned using a non-abrasive, non-fibrous cloth and any common household clear non-abrasive cleaning liquid.

The low mass nature and ventilated design characteristics of Glassless Mirrors virtually eliminate condensation and fogging and can be used in environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and enclosed swimming pools.

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Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.


Vertical Mirror Assembly (85.7 Kb, PDF)


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We're happy to answer your questions regarding the Mirrors or any other Tumbl Trak product. Simply use our quick contact form or call 1-800-331-4362.

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Dance Training
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