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Jr. Bar Pro

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Jr. Bar Pro

Jr. Bar Pro only (does not include mats)

Jr. Bar Pro Package 1

Includes Pink Jr. Bar Pro, 4'x6'x6" Practice Mat and Bar Pad.

Jr. Bar Pro Package 2

Includes a Blue Jr. Bar Pro, 4'x8'x1-3/8" Bright Pastel Mat, Mama Bear Mat, 4'x6'x1.25" Royal Blue Flexi Home Mat and a Bar Pad.

Jr. Bar Pro Package 4

Includes Blue Jr. Bar Pro, Bar Pad, 4'x8'x1-3/8" Tumbling Mat, 3'x6'x4" Jr. Practice Mat and 4'x6'x1.25" Flexi Mat


My daughter Abbey LOVES her bar! My husband also was very impressed by the equipment in what great quality it is (and he also appreciated how easy it was to assemble...no cussing here!)
- Karen Peach, Parent of gymnast

About the Jr. Bar Pro

If you like our Jr. Kip Bar, you will LOVE our Jr. Bar Pro. This bar provides a much easier set up (and take-down) and has a stronger, more durable frame.

This bar features special knobs that allow for quick adjustment from 38" up to 58 1/2". No plywood is needed to further stabilize the unit (as we recommend for the Jr. Kip Bar) and it only takes a 4'x6' stamp on the floor.

Weight limit = 125 lbs.

The Jr. Bar Pro ships in three boxes. All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - intermediate

Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.



Request More Information

We're happy to answer your questions regarding the Jr. Bar Pro or any other Tumbl Trak product. Simply use our quick contact form or call 1-800-331-4362.

Recommended Uses for the Jr. Bar Pro

For These Activities:
Bar Training
For These Places of Use:
Mobile Program

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