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Handstand Homework Book

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Handstand Homework Book

60 page Workbook


About the Handstand Homework Book

This 60 page Handstand Homework book (included with purchase of a Handstand Homework Mat and sold separately) demonstrates the shapes necessary to achieve the perfect handstand. It is filled with pictures of correct shapes, as well pointing out some common misshapes. The workbook also includes some fun “quizzes” about handstands, a “word find” and many other items a young gymnast will surely enjoy while learning at the same time!

“All in all, the Handstand Homework Book will help parents, coaches and gymnasts to understand the importance of the handstand. As a parent of a gymnast, I never thought of a handstand as being that integral to many other important skills in gymnastics. But after looking at the workbook and seeing the pictures (which are very helpful), it all makes sense.”
-- Kelly Zalusky of Midland, MI

Also available for download by iTunes.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - Advance


Your Workout Page (83.2 Kb, PDF)


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