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Spring Floor Kits

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Spring Cap and Hardware


1935 Spring Kit

for 42' x 42' Floor

2460 Spring Kit

for 54' x 42' Floor


About the Spring Floor Kits

The new American Power Springā„¢ (with the blue coil) is the best on the market today. It features a durable, hard drawn high carbon steel, 2" x 4" coil with newly-designed plastic retainer caps.

Our springs are resilient enough for gymnasts of all sizes and abilities. The hardware required (3 pieces) for each spring is included. The advantages of American Power Springsā„¢ are that the caps are more robust, the coil paint does not flake, top and bottom caps are interchangeable, and they ship far sooner than competing springs (usually within one week).

Thinking of building your own floor? Your biggest challenge will be to find the correct plywood appropriate for spring floors. The type most all commercial manufacturers use is Baltic Birch (sometimes called Russian Birch). This type of wood is strong, resilient, and resistant to warping or cracking. The ideal thickness is 3/8" (or 9mm). The 5' x 5' size is easiest to work with. You will need two layers: One layer has the springs attached to it; the other is the offset layer which ties the floor together as one unit, providing uniformity of rebound. These layers can be connected by Velcro or screws. Velcro is usually better as it is far easier to remove, repair or relocate.

There are two schools of thought regarding the number of springs you need. Some think that you just need one per square foot. However, most think that you need an extra spring along the perimeter and that is how we have priced our kits. Generally, the gymnastics field has a stronger inclination to the extra (perimeter) springs. Just let us know if you would like pricing on the kit without the perimeter option.

We will need to know, at the time of your order, what the thickness of the bottom layer of your floor will be ... so we can provide the proper attachment hardware.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.


Assembly Instructions (103 Kb, PDF)


Request More Information

We're happy to answer your questions regarding the Spring Floor Kits or any other Tumbl Trak product. Simply use our quick contact form or call 1-800-331-4362.

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Financing for this product is available to qualified applicants through Full Circle Finance LLC.
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