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Air Pit

The Air Pit can accommodate a wide range of clients. The unique presentation and thoughtful design inspires independent and interactive play. When open-side-up, clients with posturalinstability and physical limitations can stand independently in the “pits” or “holes”. Offer your clients proprioceptive feedback by asking them to help you flip over the Air Pit. When closed side up the Air Pit can be used as a therapy table. Both positions (open and closed) relieve therapists of the physical stress required to support their clients. Use the black lines to aid in visual perception and balance activities or suspend the Air Pit at an incline for a fantastic climbing obstacle. When suspended with webbing or bungees the Air Pit provides rhythmic input and the pits provide lateral support for children with weak trunks as they stand in the holes and bounce.

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Air Pit

5'W x 10'L x 2'H

Package 1

includes 5'x10'x8" Practice Mat

Package 2

includes a 5'x10'x8" Mat and set of Cradles


The Air Pit is amazing and is so diverse. It literally has a thousand uses around the gym...a real utility player of the gym equipment.
- Luke Gale, Tolworth Gymnastics Club

About the Air Pit

The Air Pit is the solution to a problem encountered by coaches for years--the stack of mats that have become necessary for teaching vaulting, tumbling, bars, and even beam. It can be used alone, or the mat can be the base mat for a higher mat-stack. Then, add 12", 8", or 4" mats in any combination to make a tower of mats as high as needed.

The Air Pit is much lighter to move, and thus much more portable than a foam mat or a stack of foam mats! Features include a 4" wide line down the top, and numbers for measuring distance. If you flip it over there are depressions about a foot in diameter. These can be used to play in, or as obstacles to jump over. Allowed for use up to new Level 3 competition. Price includes an electric pump.

TIP: It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a mat on top of the Air Pit for vaulting drills!

All materials meet CSPIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.



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