Heart Tech PLUS

Warranty: 24 months

The Heart Tech PLUS armband heart rate monitor will allow you to track and analyze your fitness progress!

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The Heart Tech Plus SENSR 4.0 Armband Heart Rate Monitor uses the latest and most accurate technology to connect users with their health data in real time!  A comfortable neoprene band holds the Sensr in place while reading heart rate, steps, MVP, recovery rates and more.  Athletes, coaches, students, or families can jump into next level fitness tracking with the HTP SENSR 4.0.

  • Heart Rate
  • Steps and Cadence
  • Transmission: ANT+ and BLE • Memory: 8 hours
  • Water Proof: IP67
  • Battery Charge: 20 hours of continuous use
  • Compatible: iOS 8.0 or above and Android 4.3 or above. Along with all Garmin watch and cycling computers.
  • Charging: Easy magnet charging dock, the rechargeable battery gives you a full 20 hours of pow- er and 8 hours of memory.

What fitness metrics are measured with the Sensr 4.0?
The Sensr 4.0 tracks Heart Rate, HR zones, steps, MVPA minutes, calories burned, timer

What is MVPA?
MVPA describes Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity, that uses Heart Rate to determine the intensity and efficiency of a workout. MVPA is often used in Physical Education classes to measure student physical activity during a period of time.

How does measuring Heart Rate help reach fitness goals?
Paying attention to your heart rate is said to be one of the top methods for maximizing your fitness routine.
The Sensr 4.0 delivers the pertinent information for

Is the band washable?
Yes, the neoprene band can be washed in a gentle cycle and air dried.

Is the Sensr 4.0 waterproof?
Yes, the Sensr 4.0 is waterproof to XXmeters

Is the Sensr 4.0 a good option for PE programs using multiple at once?
The Sensr 4.0 is recognized by PE Programs nationwide to monitor student activity and progress, Paired with the Heart Tech Plus Group App, teachers can track and report student progress with ease.

How does the Sensr 4.0 connect to a device?
The Sensr 4.0 seamlessly connects via bluetooth to Apple, Android, Garmin, Sunnto, HTP Home App and more.

How accurate is the Sensr 4.0?
We use Valencell technology which is the most advanced and accurate in the industry.


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