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As of August 13, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.
As of August 13, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.

Standard Roll Carpet Bonded Foam

Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls are a combination of carpet and foam that are heat bonded together. They are the product of choice for cheerleading and gymnastics gyms, and are quickly becoming the product of choice in dance acro, aerobic and martial arts due to their superior footing.

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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Standard Roll Carpet Bonded Foam
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Carpet Bonded Foam is a simple product to put down and take up, and can be done in minutes. To put down, simply unroll the unit. The Velcro strap that keeps it together in a roll is used to join the segments. To take up, remove the Velcro, flip the foam, and roll with the carpet to the outside. Wrap the Velcro strip around the roll to secure the foam until next time.

  • Eliminates wrinkling, twisting and shifting of carpet.
  • Increased durability over loose carpet and foam.
  • Bonding makes foam stronger, so wear and tear on foam alone is greatly reduced.
  • Dissipates landing impact and produces a much faster responding floor.
  • Two sizes available: 42-feet x 6-feet x 1 ⅜-inch thickness and 42-feet x 6-feet  x 2-inch thickness
  • 42-feet x 4-inch wide Velcro strip is included with purchase of two or more Carpet Bonded Foam Rolls.
  • Available in multiple color options to customize your gym/studio.
  • Ships by motor freight.
How do I clean and/or disinfect my carpet bonded foam?
Prevent tracking from an outside surface directly onto the Cheer surface. Position doormat style mats around the cheer floor and have all participants wipe their feet before walking on the cheer surface. Do not use street shoes on the cheer surface. Cheer shoes that are worn on the streets are still to be considered street shoes. Having shoes that are only used on the cheer floor will do the most in keeping your cheer floor clean. Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is a very good way to maintain the appearance and hygiene of the cheer surface. Regular vacuuming is also helpful. Do not use “Soap” in the hot water extraction process. If all the soap is not removed then the floor will feel sticky and the remaining soap will attract more dirt and grime. You can steam clean with a disinfectant such as Odoban, MicroBan, or Sporicidin. Cleaning frequency will depend on your level of use. The foam on the back of cheer floor will not absorb water like the carpet pad in your homes or offices. Since the water will not soak through the carpet into the pad, more water may be used. Caution -- Water will leak through the seams to the floor below. Be sure to vacuum the water out of the carpet. Place several fans to blow air across the surface of the floor. Use caution not to get the gym floor wet under the rolls. It is a good idea to roll the rolls up off of the floor to inspect for any water. Sanitizing the mat surface - Check with the athletic department and see what they use in cleaning the training room tables and for sanitizing the areas. City health departments are recommending a one to ten part solution of bleach to water for germ killing. A bleach solution of one to ten will not harm or discolor the carpet. The Velcro tape will be discolored by the bleach therefore the Velcro should be removed prior to the bleach cleaning. The bleach cleaning may be used in conjunction with the hot water extraction. An extra rinsing might be required to remove the bleach smell. Use caution as the bleach will ruin most clothing in comes in contact with.
Do I receive a Velcro Strip with the Rolls?
Yes, a 4” wide x 42’ long Velcro Strip is included with the purchase of (2) or more Carpet Bonded Foam Roll or Flexi Roll purchased.
How does the Carpet Roll ship?
The 6’x42’ Rolls ship by motor freight. Once an order has been shipped, you will receive a freight notice that will include the date of shipment, name and phone number of the freight company and tracking information, commonly referred to as a Bill of Lading (BOL) or Pro Number. Tumbl Trak highly recommends that customers contact the freight company to coordinate the day and time of your delivery. Freight companies will not likely give you an exact time for delivery, however, they should be able to give you a delivery window of 2-3 hours. Note: If you are receiving your freight at a residential address, there may be an additional fee and you may be required to contact the freight company to schedule your delivery. Once your delivery arrives, be sure to INSPECT for damage, COUNT the pieces, and CONFIRM the quantity on the delivery receipt and packing slip before you sign the delivery ticket. If you fail to inspect for damage or verify the quantity before signing and find damage or a shortage later – WE CANNOT HELP YOU! The carrier will claim no responsibility. Damage can and does happen, especially with foam shipments!

24 Months on material and workmanship.