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Double Floor Mounted Ballet Barre

You'll love the minimalistic design of this floor mounted, Double Non-Adjustable Ballet Barre.  It can be mounted in front of windows, mirrors, or other fixtures.  The top Barre is set at 42" and the lower Barre is at 32" from the floor. The top barre extends out another 4 inches from the bottom barre.  It features the same installation as the floor-mounted single Ballet Barre unit. Lastly, our Barres have options!  Available in 3 types of wood and 2 diameters. 

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$310.00 USD

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Double Floor Mounted Ballet Barre
310.00 New In Stock
Screw the Ballet Barre directly to the floor, or attach with anchors in concrete and then screw to the floor. Available in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths. Standard unit comes with two uprights and rails options including poplar, oak or maple and are finished with linseed oil which helps protect the wood and prevents moisture absorption. The frame includes a gray powder-coat for durable finish. Hardware is included.  
How do I know which diameter Barre to choose?
The 1-3/4" Barre is preferred by adults who find the larger bar more comfortable for legs and hands. However, many prefer the 1-1/2" diameter for the more economical price.
What is the difference between the three types of wood options?
Poplar (good) is a shade darker than maple but has longer wood grain. The color can have a greenish hue and it is a hardwood, but not as hard as Oak. Oak (better) is a darker, more porous grain and it is not as hard as Maple. Maple (best) is a lighter colored wood and has a less porous grain. It is more resistant to scratches and denting and flexing.