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As of May 26, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.
As of May 26, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.
  • Transition Bed rolled up
    Transition Bed rolled up
  • Price include the BED Only.
    Price include the BED Only.

Transition Trak Replacement Bed

Looking to replace your Tumbl Trak bed?  Consider upgrading to the newest member of the Tumbl Trak family - the Transition Tumbl Trak Bed!  At Tumbl Trak, we never stop innovating; even when we created a product as unique and useful as the Original Tumbl Trak, we are always trying to think of ways to improve training for coaches and athletes.  The new Transition Tumbl Trak Bed is the perfect pairing of our traditional tramp bed material with a soft, closed loop top surface. Imagine the possibilities of securing all sorts of velcro teaching aids and skill builders right where you want them on the Tumbl Trak!  We call it a Transition Bed because it has the feel of a carpet foam surface which makes transitioning to the floor easier for any athlete!  

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Transition Trak Replacement Bed
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We call it the Transition Tumbl Trak because testers liked the "carpet feeling", and the slightly tighter action of the trampoline, making it ideal for transitioning skills from the Tumbl Trak to the floor.  It has many of the same dependable features; 60” wide tumbling surface, sturdy d-rings covered by the extended trampoline flap, heavy stitched rows of closed loop, soft Velcro, and options for open or closed ends.

Cheer programs love the additional durability and find the bed provides more traction than the original Tumbl Trak and Xtreme Tumbl Trak. Use any product with hook Velcro on the Transition Bed to create safe stations using additional mats, blocks, barrels or other manipulatives. Gone are the days of drawing on the Tumbl Trak with chalk - use velcro lines and markers as visuals to make class management and skill development a breeze!

Order the Transitional Bed as you would any Tumbl Trak Bed, in 10 foot increments. *This price is for the replacement bed only.

We are loving the Velcro bed!  

It is so versatile!  We love to be able to velcro props to the Velcro bed for classes and parties.  The velcro reduces the amount of bounce which allows gymnasts and tumblers to more easily transfer their skills to the floor!  All of our recreational class instructors, team coaches and party staff are thrilled with the versatility of the Velcro Bed. The white line down the center is a great visual for preschoolers, recreational classes and team gymnasts.  It has allowed our gymnasts to stay centered and safe while using the Velcro Bed.

Thank you for the opportunity to try it out in our facility.


2 year manufacturer warranty
What can you stick to the Transition Bed?
There are a lot of accessory pieces which will velcro to the bed which make class management so much easier.
I notice some space in-between the Velcro strips, is that normal?
Yes, as the bed gets used and stretched out after some use, you may see some of the black bed in-between the velcro strips. This is normal and is just settling into place.
Can I replace my Original Bed with a Transition Bed?
Yes, the Transition Bed is the same measurements as the Original Tumbl Trak Bed and Extreme Bed.
How do I clean the Transition Bed?
We recommend a light vacuum for the Transition Bed.
In what other ways is the Transition Bed different than the Original Bed?
Besides the feel of the Velro top, some testers noticed that the Transition Bed has a different sound, slightly louder than the Original.