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Heart Tech Plus Fitness Tracking Sensor

Interested in monitoring or sharing your child's heart rate and MVPA? Are your children doing PE in a distance learning environment this year and do you need to share this data with their PE teacher? The Heart Tech Plus SNSR 4.0 Armband Heart Rate Monitor uses the latest and most accurate technology to connect users with their (or your own) health data in real-time!  Data can then be shared from the HTP Home App.  A comfortable, breathable neoprene band holds the Sensr in place while reading heart rate, steps, MVPA, recovery rates, and more.  Athletes, coaches, students, or families can jump into next level fitness tracking with the HTP SENSR 4.0.

The HTP Home App is required to fully use these products. You can download the app here for Apple (iOS 8.0 and above) and Android (4.3 and above)!

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Heart Tech Plus Fitness Tracking Sensor
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Heart Tech Plus SENSR 4.0, Ant+ and Bluetooth Armband Heart Rate Monitor

SENSR 4.0 Heart Rate armband monitor uses optical heart rate technology provided by Valencell, the most accurate technology on the market today.

This is the most comfortable and lightweight armband heart rate monitor on the market today and with our unique magnetic charging cable, powering up is a breeze.

Can be connected to other smart devices or fitness watches such as Garmin, SUUNTO,  or Polar.

  • 8 hours of continuous use and fast charging technology
  • 3 zone lights
  • Tracks heart rate and steps
  • Water-proof & sweat-proof
Is the battery rechargeable?
Yes, it will hold a charge for about 20 hours.
What apps can I use this with?
HTP HOME, Strava, Map My Run to name a few.
How accurate is it?
We use Valencell technology which is the most advanced and accurate in the industry.