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BONUS!Purchase Starter Home Gym Bundle and get our Homenastics training video and activity guide for FREE!
Purchase Starter Home Gym Bundle and get our Homenastics training video and activity guide for FREE!

Starter Home Gym Bundle

Perfect for the recreational or beginner team gymnast looking to strengthen skills and reinforce good habits safely at home, in the shapes, they learn in the gym from their coaches. This great portable package includes a bar, beam, incline, sliders for conditioning and the appropriate matting. Receive a FREE T-Shirt with every order! Purchase this package and save 5% (savings reflected in the reduced price listed in red).

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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Starter Home Gym Bundle
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The Home Kip Bar is a perfect starter home training bar and extensions can be added to further stabilize the bar as your child grows.  The Sectional Beam is perfect for gaining confidence walking on a 4in beam as well as doing a variety of skills like donkey kicks, handstands, jumps, and leaps.  The Handstand Homework Mat is great for practicing handstands, one of the most essential skills in gymnastics, at home.  The Handstand Homework Workbook is also included to help give your athlete some basic instruction for doing skills safely at home.  The Folding Incline is one of the most functional and versatile progressive skill builders.

This package includes the following: 
(1) Home Kip Bar
(1) Jr. Practice Mat
(1) 4ft x 8ft Tumbling Mat
(1) Bar Pad
(1) Sectional Beam
(1) Air Barrel
(1) Pair of Sliders with FUNditioning Video
(1) FREE T-Shirt!

Pillow is NOT included.
How much space with all this equipment need?
The Begin with the Basics Package can easily fit into a large bedroom or basement gym area. The Home Kip Bar will need at least a 4ft x 6ft space and the Sectional Beam will need a 4ft x 4ft space and the Folding Incline will need a 3ft x 6ft space.
What types of skills can my athlete practice on the Home Kip Bar?
The Home Kip Bar is great for strength skills like pull-ups, chin-ups, leg lifts, straddle holds, tuck holds. There are also many good drills for casting, supports, back and front hip circles, stride circles, cuts, shoot throughs and undershoots that can be done on the Jr. Kip Bar. And, don't forget very basic swinging skills like taps swings.
What type of skills can my athlete practice on the Sectional Beam?
One Sectional Beam is 4ft long and can be used for a variety of leaps, jumps, turns, splits, handstands, cartwheels onto or over, and rolls. Many people purchase an additional Sectional Beam to increase the length and variety of skills they can perform.
What types of skills can my athlete practice on the Folding Incline in the open position?
When the Inclined in open, skills like forward & backward rolls, tucks, pikes, straddles, handstand rolls up and down, handstand bridge from floor up the wedge and kick over, cartwheel down, limbers and walkovers down.
What types of skills can my athlete practice on the Inclined when it is in the closed or folded position?
Handstand against the edges, bridges with feet up, jump on and off, over splits, feet on for pushups, up against the Sectional Beam with feet on to practice handstand shapes.
Download the Owner Instructions for the Jr. Kip Bar and Handstand Homework Mat here.

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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