Rainbow Roller

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Peek-a-Boo through the clear vinyl of this Air Roller and watch as the colorful balls dance inside as it rolls! Ideal for preschool and younger athletes learning basic skills like walking, balancing, and rolling. A delight for kids to play with!

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The Rainbow Roller is great for a variety of youngsters.  Toddlers can practice balance and mobility while walking behind the roller as it rolls. Tummy time on the Rainbow Roller, either across or longways, is fun and interactive.  As a child gains confidence and strength, this roller is the ideal place to build inverted awareness with beginning backward movement and spiderwalks.

Older children will also gravitate to this fun piece of equipment.  The Rainbow Roller can be used in some of the same ways as our popular Air Barrels. For tumbling progressions and drills, use the roller in a more gentle way than the Air Barrel.  The Rainbow Roller is also great for beginner handstands or bridges!  This Roller is not intended to be bounced or jumped upon.

Special Features:

  • Clear vinyl is interactive and engaging
  • Foam balls are fun to watch and listen to as they move around inside the roller
  • Handles on either side of the barrel make for easy transport and allows coaches/parents to manipulate the barrel according to the comfort of the child.
  • 24-in dia x 42-in long.
  • Ideal for younger athletes under 75 pounds, gentle use.
  • Handles on the end for easy transport.
  • Hand pump included.
  • Not intended for use while suspended.

Wipe clean with warm soapy water and a damp cloth

Keep away from sharp objects.

Avoid dragging the barrel when transporting.

Is there latex in the vinyl material used?

No, there is no latex present in this product.

Can I suspend the Clear Air Barrel?

We do not recommend suspending the Clear Air Barrel.

I have 3 children - 2 are under 5 years old and my older child is 10.  Can my 10 year old use this barrel?

The Clear Air Barrel is ideal for gentle use by younger children under 75 pounds.  It is not recommended for children above that weight limit.

The foam balls in my air barrel arrived squished and deformed.  Is this normal?

In shipping, the foam balls are compressed but after a few days they will resume their round shape.

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