Special needs videos


Our proprioceptive system is another sense that often slips under the radar. If you are thinking, “Wait, proprio-WHAT?!" check out this short video. You will see that proprioception isn’t as complicated as it sounds and is indeed super relevant to the work you do in the gym. Ever wonder why most kids love jumping into the foam pit, but some kids appear to especially crave that crashing sensation? Watch to find out! (3 1/2 minutes.)


In this video we answer the question, “What exactly is our vestibular system?” Our vestibular sense involves all things movement and gravity. If you’ve ever taught a child who was terrified to lean backward into a walkover or to go upside down on the bars, you may be more familiar with the vestibular sense than you realized! Watch this video to see why. (4 1/2 minutes.)

Sensory Integration

This video will help you better understand why gymnastics is good for ALL kids. Not only does gymnastics promote healthy habits, teach important socialization and listening skills, but it is also paramount in helping to develop our sensory systems! This is a critical part of childhood development. (3 1/2 minutes.)

Grow through Movement II

Tumbl Trak is proud to introduce our latest work in Special Needs Movement. In collaboration with Occupational Therapists, teachers, parents and students we are learning more every day about the incredible benefits Tumbl Trak equipment offers students with special needs. (7 minutes.)

Laser Beam

Explore the Laser Beam in a whole new way! Occupational therapists, physical therapists, school professionals, and movement educators discover the benefits of using the Laser Beam for spacial awareness, proprioceptive feedback, balance and more! (3 minutes.)

Power Launch

The Power Launch has seen a lot of action in therapy clinics and schools that work with children who have sensory needs. Wait till you see the innovative uses we've come up with! (3 1/2 minutes.)

Air Pit

Therapists and school professionals have found numerous ways to use the Air Pit in therapy clinics for students with Sensory Needs. It is durable, light and despite its size can deflate in minutes to store away. Enjoy! (4 minutes.)

Air Barrel

The Air Barrel is compact, storable and versatile in allowing Special Needs students to challenge themselves in so many ways! Check out this video for great ideas for using the Air Barrel! (3 1/2 minutes.)

Overlay with Power Launch

(3 minutes.)

Fitness Wheel

The Fitness Wheel is a favorite for Tumbl Trak, and even more so when we add the creative uses developed by Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and School professionals have developed for Special Needs Kiddos! (4 minutes.)

Grow through Movement

(7 minutes.)

A Surface with a Purpose: Therapy ideas using Tumbl Trak equipment

Created for the participants of the Star Institute's Sensory Processing Disorder Conference, October 2020, this compilation of therapy practices highlights Sheri Ireland-Berk's work with clients using various pieces of Tumbl Trak equipment. (37 minutes.)

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