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As of August 9, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.
As of August 9, 2020 we are still open and operating with limited staff. Click here for more information.

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4 Best Exercises to Advance your Tumbling

Posted on 7/18/2019

Hands up 🙌if you want to advance your tumbling this summer!

Hi, I’m Danielle, the founder of CHEERFIT ( and fitness expert for gymnasts and cheerleaders. Today I am going to break down the best exercises to help you advance your tumbling, build power, and prevent injury. 

And guess what,  these exercises do not require any equipment - so you can do them anywhere, anytime - even on vacation! 


Here at CHEERFIT, we are all about helping you reach your goals and stay motivated through fitness! Today’s exercises are 100% focused on strengthening specific muscles focused on advancing your strength and speed.

Spoiler alert - by strengthening these muscles, you are building power and strength in the areas you need to improve your tumbling!!


I planned out my best tumbling exercises to help you strengthen your muscles and advance your tumbling! For each exercise, it is important to remember to go slow and controlled - working each muscle and visualize the areas you are working. 

Do each exercise for 10-15 reps x 3 rounds and share your workout pics with us on Insta @cheerfittraining #cheerfitstrong

Exercise 1: Inchworm Pushups

  • Focus areas: hamstrings, core, and shoulders 

  • Start standing tall, keep legs straight as you bring your palms to the floor. Keeping core tight walk your hands out (feel the stretch in your hamstrings) until you reach a pushup position. Once in the position do a pushup and walk your hands back in - keeping legs as straight as possible and core engaged. That = 1 rep.

Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers

  • Focus areas: total body, cardio, core, and shoulders

  • Start in a pushup position - core tight, abs engaged, and shoulders over wrists. Once in position drive your knee to your nose alternating legs. As you power through each rep think of your goals and what you are working on! 1 rep = right leg, left leg

Exercise 3: Plank Jacks

  • Focus areas: core, shoulders, upper body, cardio 

  • Start in a pushup position - core tight, abs engaged, and shoulders over wrists. Jack out your legs out and in keeping the position. The key is to keep good form - do not pike up your hips or slouch your back as you do each rep.

Exercise 4:  Jump Squats

  • Focus areas: cardio, lower body, endurance 

  • Start with feet shoulder width apart and core engaged. Begin by lowering your legs (as if you are sitting in a chair). Lower down to 90 degrees (not lower) and then power through the balls of your feet and explode up. As you jump up, jump as high as you can, then land softly on the balls of your feet lowering back into the squat position to start again.

And there you have it, whether you want to get that back handspring, layout, or full - these exercises will help strengthen and build the muscles you need to advance.  Enjoy the workout and let us know your fav’ exercise TAGGING us @cheerfittraining in your workout pics or flexing selfies! #cheerfitstrong! 


Danielle Donovan is the fitness expert for cheerleaders and gymnasts, and founder of CHEERFIT - an online workout club and fitness community for cheerleaders and gymnasts. Join the Club to get 24/7 access to hundreds of workouts, fit tips, and an online community - motivating each other and holding each other accountable.  Be #CHEERFITSTRONG, join the Club.