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Cutting Edge finds an edge

Posted on 10/15/2020

When life gives you lemons, or in the case of this year we get buried in lemons, now you GET to make lemonade...and lemon cake...and lemon bars...and…… Cutting Edge Athletics in Michigan is typically busting with athletes of all types skillfully scampering, swinging, salto-ing through the air. As is the story in so many places, the gym has been eerily quiet for many months.

Take a look at a program that has found a way to make all that lemony goodness by creating a school support program, right in their gym. Cutting Edge found an “edge” to stay in the game capitalizing on the professional experience of Program Director Kim Hayden, whose 21 years of teaching experience in the classroom comes in handy as they debut Cutting Edge Campus. Using brain-based research, Kim designed a learning and play environment that supports distance learning. 

“Research shows kids focus better when they engage in physical activity.” 

Students who enroll at Cutting Edge Campus have support from instructors who provide both academic and technical support for their school-issued online learning program. Students and instructors work together to organize and complete projects as well as set goals for learning. Each day, students complete a reflection log so parents can easily keep track of what their student accomplished at Cutting Edge Campus.

Kim makes sure the program involves a good amount of large motor activities that get their heart rates up! Studies show that students who are active during the day exhibit better focus, faster cognitive processing, and more successful memory retention! 

All of this happens under the strict sanitation guidelines offered by local health officials. Health screenings, social distancing, frequent cleaning of surfaces, and masks are part of the Campus routine that keeps students and families safe.

This program works to serve the community as families in many areas continue to struggle with the balance of work and distance learning. Providing academic support offers huge relief for parents looking for some structure and consistency in a student’s routine. Way to go, Kim and Cutting Edge Campus!