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Safe gym play - at HOME!

Posted on 1/14/2019
Following the glow of the holidays, it’s always fun to scroll through the Tumbl Trak feed (#tumbltrak), and see all the happy kiddos playing on their new Tumbl Trak equipment.    Families have to get creative when trying to fit their new mat, beam or bar into the living room, den, or basement.  Often parents are faced with the dilemma of where to store the coffee table, or how to position the couch for the best “viewing” area for the home gymnastics shows.

Keeping athletes safe at home requires a bit of thought and awareness of the skills kids will practice.  Here are some safety measures for families to consider when using home gym equipment:

  • Choose an area in the home large enough to allow for space surrounding the equipment to work safely.  

  • Floors should be clear of objects that could cause injury, including extra furniture nearby.

  • If there is wall space near the equipment, remove all pictures, mirrors or light fixtures that could fall and break.

  • Inspect all knobs are tightened and velcro is secured each time your athlete uses the equipment.

  • Secure proper matting underneath equipment and in dismount areas.

  • Encourage your athlete to take time to properly warm up before working out.

  • Athletes should practice skills that they are confident in performing safely.  Check with a gym coach for workout ideas that are appropriate and helpful to practice.  

  • Advise less experienced siblings and friends of the proper way to use equipment to reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Always use equipment when an adult is present and supervising.

With these safety measures in place, sit back and watch the pride in accomplishment on your child’s face as they play and practice at home!