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Who’s Who in 2019! Chalk Warrior Gymnast of the Year!

Posted on 2/14/2019

When Lauren Stevens was 11 years old she stopped DOING gymnastics but by no means was she DONE with gymnastics.  No longer in the gym, she spent most of her time pouring over gymnastics stats, videos, archives, and events. She soaked up all that she could about gyms, coaches and athletes.  Lauren realized that her passion for the sport continued to be intense and that she loved being “in the know.”

In her early teens, she started interning for a well known online gymnastics scoring company.  Encouraged by industry professionals, family and friends who recognized her positivity and hard-working attitude,  she jumped two feet toward her dream and founded CHALK WARRIOR. She built a name for herself, sharing news from events from around the country.

Today, Lauren has grown Chalk Warrior to be a leading resource for current gymnastics information!   The website also functions as an athlete profile portal where she collects information from many sources including the athletes and coaches themselves.  These profiles are useful for encouraging the gymnastics community to support a range of hyper talented athletes from Excel levels to Elite.

Chalk Warrior hosted the 5th Annual Gymnast of the Year Awards Banquet in Las Vegas, NV.  This event happens parallel to Brestyan’s Las Vegas Invitational hosted by Salcianu’s Academy of Elite Gymnastics. Coaches, athletes, and families joined in a celebration of the best of the best in the sport!  

The Chalk Warrior Gymnast of the Year award is decided based on a number of factors.  First, athlete submits an application that includes video footage of the current competition season.   Coaches and athletes then participate in an interview along with a review of the athletes scores for the season.  Lauren designed this process to give the athletes a chance to present themselves professionally and proudly highlight their accomplishments - a valuable life skill!  Coaches appreciate how the Chalk Warrior recognition is a strong motivator for athletes.

The impact of this event is significant in providing a place to celebrate the good in the sport.  Congratulations to the 2019 Gymnast of the Year award winners!

To find out more about Chalk Warrior, check out their website, or follow the action on Instagram @chalk.warrior.