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Equipment for Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance and more

Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Dance

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15% Off During the Entire Month of February

15% Off During the Entire Month of February

The Hurdle Helper is an innovative system of soft blocks and sticks that can be Velcroed together in multiple ways to teach progressions for a variety of skills. From Preschool, to Pre-team, the Hurdle Helper will be every teacher’s “go to” for FUN and creative tumbling, vault and beam stations.

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15% Off During the Entire Month of February

15% Off During the Entire Month of February

The Tumbl Tape is designed to be simple, yet so useful! The colorful, 4” wide Velcro has hook Velcro on the back to secure it to any closed loop carpet. Designed to be 20 feet long with a new color every 2 feet, athletes can start understanding the value of LONG tumbling early on. Use the colors to challenge them to reach farther in cartwheels, handstands, round-offs and more!

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15% Off During the Entire Month of February

15% Off During the Entire Month of February

If you want your cheerleader to be able to SAFELY practice on the most realistic piece of cheer stunting equipment, then look no further than the FLY RIGHT! Balance is the key to a strong, SAFE stunt! Cheerleaders and coaches love the realistic movement the flyer experiences as he or she trains on the patented design which uses springs.

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Tumbl TALK

From the Experts: Stamina from Strength by Dr. Bill Sands

William A Sands, PhD, FACSM, CSCS, EMT

Sheffield Hallam University

Centre for Sport and Exercise Science

Sheffield, UK



Strength underpins stamina. After all, if you’re not strong enough to do one repetition, then the question of stamina is simply out of reach. I will use stamina and endurance interchangeably. What is “routine endurance?” There are really only two apparatuses for women gymnasts that have serious stamina requirements ��“ floor exercise and uneven bars. Balance beam requires more “mental endurance” (i.e. focus) than physiological endurance (although this may be changing). One of the most common misunderstandings in the type of stamina needed for gymnastics is confusing short-duration endurance with long-duration endurance. Short-duration endurance (intense efforts lasting less than two minutes) is profoundly different from long-duration endurance (efforts lasting from approximately four minutes to hours). Unlike long-duration endurance, short-duration endurance is determined by maximal strength, not by aerobic capacity or aerobic power.

Coaches like stories. I hope that two stories will be helpful. The first comes from a different activity that has some gymnastics qualities (particularly upper body strength), and the second from my own experience.

"Improve Your Strength, Improve Your Endurance”

“Years ago a friend approached Scott with a dilemma: He'd been religiously training pull-ups for a year but had stagnated at a max of eighteen reps. He had tried many combinations of sets and reps in a futile attempt to break through this limit. When Scott suggested the routine outlined below, the friend was skeptical. How could doing fewer pull-ups help him do more? He seemed to be lacking endurance so in his mind he needed to increase the volume of pull-ups, not decrease it.

But he was willing to put his doubt aside and give this approach a concerted try. At no time during the eight-week program did the friend do any other pull-up training of any sort: no more days of cranking off as many sets of as many reps as he could manage. No more days of 400-500 pull-ups and the potential attendant elbow issues. By the end of eight weeks the friend had improved his max pull-up strength to his body weight plus seventy-five pounds. The very first workout in which he attempted to better his previous record of eighteen pull-ups he shot past his old record and sailed right up to thirty pull-ups. He was a convert and you will be too. This is a great example of how improving strength improved endurance." [1] p 185-186. [Read More]

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