Spieth All-American Spotting Platform

Warranty: 12 Months

Designed for use on the All-American Uneven Bars, this allows coaches and spotters closer access to the athlete.

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The twin platforms are 27" x 27" each and automatically retract to their upright position by way of self-lubricating gas shocks. The platform itself can be locked at 180 degrees or angles to match the high upright tube on the uneven bar if needed (15 degrees either way). Maximum weight of 200 lbs per side. Platform is adjustable on the length of the upright tube.  Fits Spieth and AAI Bar units as well as most round upright tubes on the market with correct adapter, but should be measured to confirm.

  • (2) 27" x27" platforms
  • Platforms can hold up to 200lbs on each side
  • Automatically retracts to their upright position by way of self lubricating gas shocks
  • Platform angle can be adjusted to accommodate the angle of the upright (15 degrees either way)

Download Assembly Instructions here.

Is there an adapter needed to connect the Spotting Platform to a set of AAI Uneven Bars?
The standard clamping collar is designed to work on an upright with an outside diameter of 2-3/8”.  For uprights with outside diameters other than 2-3/8”, the clamp won’t work.  The manufacturer no longer carries any adaptors.  If the diameter is 2-3/8", then you will not need an adaptor.

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