Small Parcel (UPS, FedEx or USPS)

97% of all "in-stock" orders ships from Tumbl Trak within a 1-3 day window after the order is received.  However, these are not guaranteed delivery times. Please refer to your order page for specific expected shipping times and allow 3-5 additional days (depending on your location) for transit. Some exceptions apply.

NOTE: Due to the quick ship times needed to meet customer expectations, we may only be able to make changes to orders up to 1 hour after the order has been received during normal business hours. If you place an order at night, over the weekend or during a holiday and have a change to the order, please send details regarding the change to All requests received by the morning of the following business day will be handled accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

PRESENTS AND GIFTS: Many customers order our products as a gift, especially during the holidays. Items are shipped in a non-descript cardboard box or plastic wrapping material. Our company name is printed on the box, but there are no pictures printed on the outside.

Depending on the size and nature of your order, there may be multiple boxes shipped at different times. For every shipment, you will receive an email shipping notification from either UPS or FedEx that will include tracking information as well as an estimated day of delivery. If you do not receive this email, you may log into your account and look for tracking information there as well. Additionally, UPS and FedEx offer personalized accounts to better track and manage your shipments. To sign up for your own personalized account, visit or for more information.  If you receive any packages that are damaged, we have 5 business days to report it.

Deliveries are contingent upon availability, as well as strikes, accidents, fires or other causes beyond our control. Please give full and plain directions for forwarding goods. Street addresses (not PO Boxes) are necessary for all shipments.

Motor Freight (LTL, Common Carrier)

Due to the large size of many Tumbl Trak products, your order may need to ship by common carrier, or motor freight. Orders that ship via common carrier are usually banded to a pallet with plastic banding and may require tools to cut the banding as well as some assembly.

Depending on the size and nature of your order, there may be multiple items shipped at different times. Once an order has been shipped, you will receive a freight notice that will include the date of shipment, name and phone number of the freight company and tracking information, commonly referred to as a Bill of Lading (BOL) or Pro Number. Tumbl Trak highly recommends that customers contact the freight company to coordinate the day and time of your delivery. Freight companies will not likely give you an exact time for delivery, however, they should be able to give you a delivery window of 2-3 hours. Note: If you are receiving your freight at a residential address, there may be an additional fee and you may be required to contact the freight company to schedule your delivery.

Once your delivery arrives, be sure to INSPECT for damage, COUNT the pieces, and CONFIRM the quantity on the delivery receipt before you sign it. If you do not inspect for damage or verify the quantity before signing the delivery receipt and find then damage or a shortage later, this greatly diminishes our ability to help you, especially if more than 5 days have passed since your delivery. Damage can and does happen.

REMEMBER! You are responsible for unloading and inspecting for possible damage before signing the delivery receipt. The driver may tell you otherwise, so please follow these instructions.

  1. If you have a shortage, make note of it on the delivery ticket and then contact your sales representative or right away.
  2. If you do find damage, try to refuse only the damaged pieces. They will be returned to our warehouse for repair and claims. You will receive your undamaged merchandise quicker this way without having to pay for new items while you wait for a claim to be processed.
  3. Note any damage, even possible damage, on the driver’s delivery receipt or Bill of Lading. If you cannot tell if there is damage to the merchandise, but the carton or packaging is torn just make the following note on the receipt 'POSSIBLE DAMAGE'. Be specific in describing the carton or packaging. Especially for foam shipments, damage can sometimes be concealed. Unwrap packages and inspect equipment before the driver leaves.   Please note that Carpet Bonded Foam rolls have a 'protective' layer of foam around them and then are wrapped in plastic.  Sometimes customers confuse damage to this outer layer of foam with the actual Carpet Foam Roll.  If you refuse CBF as damaged and it is only to the outer layer, there may be returned shipping fees.
  4. If you find damage, TAKE PHOTOS AND SAVE THE PACKAGING.  Without packaging, damage claims can be denied
  5. Keep your copy of the freight bill.
  6. IMPORTANT! You have only 5 days to report concealed damage!
  7. Email a copy of your delivery ticket, photos and a full description of damage to your sales representative or

Tumbl Trak is happy to assist their customers with the delivery of motor freight items. However, we have limited control when working with contracted motor freight companies. Following the instructions above will make the process go smoother. We appreciate your business and hope that you have been satisfied with our service. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-331-4362.

Lost or damaged shipments

Tumbl Trak is not responsible for damages, shortages or lost shipments occurring in transit. For your own protection, note any damage or discrepancy on delivery receipts before accepting freight shipments. Damage MUST BE NOTED on the bill of lading in order for a claim to be filed. We CANNOT help you if damage has NOT been noted on the bill of lading (see above clause for more detail).

Customer Pick Ups

If you are in close proximity to our headquarters located in Mt. Pleasant, MI, you may wish to pick up your order from our warehouse. Please schedule, in advance, an appointment time with your sales representative so they can coordinate with the shipping department to have your items pulled from the shelf and ready to go when you arrive. Generally, pickups can be scheduled Mon-Fri from 9 am to 4 pm. Pickups that occur outside this time frame, must be prearranged and may have an additional fee.

Many Tumbl Trak products are very large, bulky and/or heavy. Be sure to discuss with your sales representative the proper vehicle to bring with you during your customer pickup.

*Please note, our warehouse staff is happy to load the equipment into your vehicle, however you will be responsible for securing the items with ratchet straps or bungee cords.

Pick Up Location:
Tumbl Trak Headquarters
5747 West Isabella Road
Mt. Pleasant MI 48858
(Note: Some GPS units do not recognize this address. You may want to enter Shepherd, MI as the city to ensure it takes you to the correct location)

*Please check in at the front office so they can alert the warehouse staff of your arrival.

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