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Air Tumbling Tracks

Tumbl Trak was one of the first companies to offer Air Products to the market.  We offer a wide variety of options and have put together this quick snapshot view to help you decide which Air Product is best for you.

Air Floor
Air Floor PRO
Air Trak
Overview The Air Floor is a great unit to use on the spring floor to aid tumbling. The amazing part about the Air Floor is how similar it is to a spring or rod floor. This sealed air unit is durable and easy to move or store. Due to it only being 3" thick, we do recommend using Air Floors on top of another padded surface (like a tumbling mat, carpet bonded foam or spring floor). The Air Floor Pro is the big brother of the Air Floor. This 8in thick unit provides a ton of spring to give tumblers the extra bounce they need. The feel is very similar to a rod or spring floor. This sealed air unit can remain inflated and or be deflated and rolled up for space conscious storage. The Air Trak is a constant air flow unit that is very similar to our Tumbl Trak. The unit can be adjusted to give your tumbler the exact feel they are looking for. This durable unit can also be joined with the Catcher or Mini Mountain. When finished using, just roll up and set along a wall or in a corner using the Air Trak Bag for easy storage.
Sizes -10ft x 5ft x 3in
-15ft x 5ft x 3in
-20ft x 5ft x 3in
-3m x 2m x 20cm
-6m x 2m x 20cm
-9m x 2m x 20cm
-20ft x 9ft x 24in
-25ft x 9ft x 24in
-30ft x 9ft x 24in
Product Weight 32 lbs - 60 lbs 55 lbs - 130 lbs 132 lbs - 187 lbs
Summary The Air Floor is a great product for every situation. Whether it be a recreational class just looking to bounce or an advanced class doing high level skills; the Air Floor will fit your every need! You can't go wrong with the Air Floor Pro, especially for your advanced classes. Not only does it offer a one of a kind tumbling experience, it can also be used for other applications such as a bar wall. When you're done just use the electric pump to deflate in minutes and store away. The Air Trak is an extremely useful, yet fun aid for all levels. Similar to a bounce house, your smaller kids will love to jump and play on the Air Trak. Firm up the pressure and get your team athletes up there practicing the more advanced skills in one of the safest environments possible.
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