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Jr. Training Bars

Tumbl Trak offers some of the best training bars for home use on the market. Our bars feature high-quality construction and are rated among the most stable Jr. Training Bars for home. When designing our bars, safety was our highest concern. That's why our bars feature rounded corners and cross supports that prevent the bar from shaking.

5-in-1 Bar System
Jr. Kip Bar
Jr. Bar PRO
Overview A sturdy double training bar for in home use. This bar can be arranged in 5 different ways for unlimited practicing. This is a great training bar for smaller children just beginning their gymnastics career. Extensions (sold separately) can also be added as the young gymnast grows and improves. The most versatile single training bar for in home use. This bar is also the easiest to assemble and dismantle.
Weight Limits Up to 125 Lbs for All Skills Up to 70 lbs for Basic skills with standard base. Up to 70 lbs for Advanced skills with extensions. Up to 125 lbs for all skills with extensions and plywood. Up to 125 Lbs for All Skills
Stability Use and Information Adjusts from 38in-59in Adjusts from 38in-56in Adjusts from 38in-59in
Assembly Easy Moderate Extremely Easy
Bar Height 6in-8in of Matting (4ft x 8ft) - Due to raised center bars 2in-4in Thick Matting; 4ft x 6ft for Standard Bar or 4ft x 8ft for Bar w/ Extensions 4in-6in of Matting (4ft x 6ft) - Due to raised center bar
Key Benefits The 5-in1 Bar System is highly versatile. Use it to train for multiple gymnastics skills in virtually unlimited ways. This training bar system is heavy duty and will last a lifetime. The Jr. Kip Bar is great for your beginner gymnasts because it can grow with a child’s skill sets. It features a high quality bar and frame at a cost effective price.
The Jr. Bar Pro is one of the best at home training bars on the market. Its durable frame, stable base and high quality maple bar make this bar a must have for any aspiring gymnast.
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