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Special Needs
Grow Through Movement


We designed this page to help you learn more about Tumbl Trak’s safe and engaging special needs product line. Our company is proud of our long history in innovative product design and high quality equipment that began with a foundation in the gymnastics industry and has expanded to inspire movement for ALL!

We have been fortunate enough to work with outstanding special needs professionals who have used their insight, creativity and expertise to help us create a colorful, versatile and durable product line that encourages clients to reach their sensory motor goals in a playful environment.



Special Needs : Grow Through Movement


Special Needs : Success Through Movement


Not Your Typical Air Products

Tumbl Trak Air Products allow you to move BIG in a small space! Bounce, climb and play, then quickly deflate and store away when not in use.

With over 10 years of experience with Air Floor technology, Tumbl Trak uses material and processes that result in the longest lasting products on the market.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our air products. The ability to adjust the pressure in Tumbl Trak air products paired with the versatile nature of each product, makes it easy to accommodate the different needs of your clients.

Tumbling Mats
A Long Lasting Investment

Our tumbling mats are some of the highest quality mats on the market and provide excellent base matting for any space.

We use 18 oz. knife-coated vinyl with a reinforced woven-base fabric that protects the mat from tearing, wearing, or peeling.

Our long lasting, cross-linked polyethylene foam comes in a variety of densities and offers the right amount of cushioning for landing, and crashing and all your sensory space needs.


Motor Planning and Sensory Play

Tumbl Trak is excited to introduce a new line of Sensory Products designed to promote gross motor development and sensory integration.

These creative and engaging pieces have features that provide children with tactile stimulation, inspire their imagination, and bring nature indoors.

They are ideal additions to any recreational gymnastics program, occupational therapy clinic, school sensory room or even for use in the home.

Would you like to know more?

Whether you are new to Tumbl Trak, or a long time customer, we know you may have questions, and we’re here to help! Deciding on the best piece of equipment for your budget, or space? Wondering about durability or equipment features?

Bethany or Carrie would be happy to discuss your needs in detail.


Phone: 1-800-331-4362 ext 219

Carrie Spender
Tumbl Trak Education Coordinator
Bethany Friedrich
Tumbl Trak Special Needs Coordinator