Air Barrel w/ Cradles

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Unlike foam barrels, the Air Barrel has bounce and provides rebound for a variety of skills. Better yet, it can be deflated and easily stored away when not in use. The Air Barrel is a simple, yet extremely versatile, multi-purpose training device.

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Built for Clubs

Coaches love the Air Barrel for its versatility, shape and dynamic surface, as it can be used for tumbling, vaulting, beam and bar skills to teach body awareness and control, or used to create obstacle courses. The Air Barrel also gives athletes a more forgiving landing on a variety of skills.  The Cradles can be placed on each side of the Air Barrel to prevent it from moving for certain skills.

  • Ideal for use in limited space as well as its ability to travel easily from site to site.
  • Each unit comes with a dual-action Hand Pump.
  • When not in use, the Air Barrel deflates within seconds, making it incredibly portable and easy to store away.
  • Includes sturdy handles on the ends for easy mobility and control during drills.
  • D-rings are useful for attaching optional Tumbl Trak™ Cradles that help keep the barrel in one place.
  • Ships for a fraction of the cost of shipping a traditional Octagon.
  • Cradles are sold as a pair.

Available in three sizes. General height guidelines are as follows:

  • Choose the 24" Air Barrel for athletes 35 to 43 inches tall.
  • Choose the 30'' Air Barrel for athletes 44 to 53 inches tall.
  • Choose the 36" Large Air Barrel for athletes taller than 53 inches.
  • For even taller athletes you can raise the height of the Air Barrel by placing it on top of a folded Tumbling Mat or Booster Block.
  • If the athlete needs a little more height, have him/her stand on top of a raised surface.

Perfect for Home

The Air Barrel makes a perfect back handspring trainer and is loved for its versatility, shape and dynamic surface. It can be used to teach body awareness, control and build confidence in many different tumbling skills.

  • Three different sizes to chose from so beginner through advanced athletes can practice handstands, bridges, walkovers and backhandsprings.
  • The bouncy, easy to clean surface makes conditioning and flexibility exercises fun.
  • High quality vinyl and time tested seams and valves that will hold up to the most rigorous use.

The Air Barrel is also great for working with children with special needs. The size of the Air Barrel is great for smaller clientele working to climb through heights, but need a firm, soft surface to feel stable when exploring space. When straddling the barrel the hips are externally rotated and the pelvis is stabilized in an optimal position to encourage efficient lateral flexion and rotation of the trunk. Sitting on the Air Barrel provides a small amount of proprioception and requires children to maintain their balance. This keeps their arousal up and therefore helps them to maintain engagement in the activity.

  • 24, 30, 36in diameter
  • 42in long, fully inflated
  • 34in long
  • 18 oz knife coated vinyl
  • soft density PU foam
  • Triangle shaped to create a wedge to stabilize the Air Barrel
All materials meet CPSIA standards. Made in China. Designed in the USA.

Download the Air Barrel Owner's Instructions here.

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