Gym Kiwis Swing Straps

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Secure, comfortable GymKiwis Swing Straps enhance safety with a soft neoprene layer for a perfect fit. Prevents falls, cuts, and wrist pain. Comes in 3 sizes.

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Enhance your gymnastics practice with confidence and comfort using the Gym Kiwis Swing Straps by Tumbl Trak. Designed with safety as a top priority, these straps securely attach you to the bar, significantly reducing the risk of falls and fly-aways during training. The soft neoprene layer ensures a gentle touch against your skin, preventing cuts and discomfort, while allowing for quick and effortless adjustments. 

  • Sizes: Red = Large, Black = Medium, Blue = Small
  • Swing Straps can be used with or without wristbands depending on the athlete's preference.
  • Swing Straps can be used with or without gloves depending on the athlete's preference.

Key benefits include:

  • Prevention of wrist pain and irritation.
  • A comfortable and perfect fit every time, thanks to our three-pack of varied sizes.
  • Enhanced comfort and security for effective skill practice.

Upgrade your training experience with our GymKiwis Swing Straps, and focus on mastering your skills with unparalleled safety and comfort. Swing into your next practice session with your own pair today!


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