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RipFix balm was created by a family of athletes specifically for hand tears. RipFix is a specially designed beeswax formula balm, ideal for caring for rips at home.

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Starting at  $6.00
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RipFix is the answer to many parents question, ''What's the best way to care for a rip?'' Apply a small amount to the affected area to take the sting out of a fresh rip. Athletes will be back to swinging in no time as this special formula moisturizes the skin and keeps calluses conditioned and supple.

Keep RipFix in your home, car or purse first aid kit as it's ideal for all types of cuts, scrapes, dry and cracked heels, cuticles, rashes, eczema, chafed skin, runners feet, chapped lips, and more.

Ingredients: petroleum jelly, beeswax, camphor, coconut oil, honey, and tea tree oil.

Shipping Dimensions

  • Length: 4.2''
  • Width: 3.2''
  • Height: 0.9''
  • Weight: 0.15 pounds
How do I fix my ripped hands?

1. Clean your hands and disinfect the wound. 2. Cut the skin away as close to the rip line as possible 3. Pack RipFix generously into the fresh rip. Do not rub it in. Let it sit, preferably overnight. 4. Loosely wrap with gauze to allow some air into the wound. 5. Watch RipFix do its magic!

How do I care for calluses on my hands?
  1. Keep a pumice stone in the shower.
  2. Using a wet pumice stone on a wet callused hand, gently pumice the top layers of skin off of the calluses. Rub for about 3 minutes to smooth out all the rough edges.
  3. Repeat on the other hand.
  4. Rub RipFix in to freshly filed down hands.
  5. Watch RipFix do its magic!
What are the ingredients in RipFix?

RipFix's ingredients are a proprietary blend of camphor, beeswax, coconut oil, tea tree oil, honey, and petroleum jelly.

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