Ladder Tower Bundle

Warranty: 24 months

The Ladder Tower is a versatile, modular structure made of four padded ladders that join together using sturdy double-sided Velcro straps. The additional Standard Rung Ladder easily attaches to any rung on the tower to add more climbing fun!

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Built for Clubs

Four Wide Rung Ladders can be secured together using double-sided Velcro straps (included) to make the shape of a tower.   Each side of the tower has four rungs spaced 20” apart with plenty of room to climb through or, in and out of.  This setup is used as a base where  our Kids Standard Rung Ladder can be secured to any rung on the tower to create various hanging, climbing, or swinging challenges.

Each Wide Rung Ladder is 6 feet long and features half-circle notches at each end allowing users to connect them to any junior training bar.  

Preschool, recreation, and ninja students will feel confident when gripping or stepping on the rubberized rungs as they climb.   Made of solid birch wood, these ladders are useful individually as well,  lying on the ground, as a bridge, on an incline.

  • Beautifully finished solid birch construction with rounded corners for safety.
  • Rungs are are 17.5 inches and 25.5 inches wide, rubberized and padded to help athletes feel safe and confident with every move.
  • Secure the Padded Ladders together using the strong, double-sided Velcro straps, included.
  • Bundle includes (4) Wide Rung Kids Padded Ladder.  Matting NOT included.

See our full description of the Wide Rung Padded Ladder and Standard Rung Padded Ladder HERE.

Perfect for Home

Turn your playroom or basement into a temporary indoor playground with the Ladder Tower Kit.   This freestanding structure uses double-sided Velcro straps to hold the four Wide Rung Ladders together  in a four-sided tower shape. The Standard Rung Ladder attaches to any rung on the tower for endless exploring.   Watch your children grow stronger and stronger while they play.

Ideal for preschoolers and young children to grow confidence in hanging and climbing yet easy to store away when not in use.

Q: What is the recommended matting thickness for the Ladder Tower Bundle?

A: The Ladder Tower is best used on a slightly firm padded surface like Carpet Bonded foam or Tumbling Mats.  Build a Mats  (2 x 4 or 2 x 5) are a nice addition at the base of each ladder Add thicker matting in areas where athletes are likely to fall.

Q:  Does the material on the Ladder rungs contain latex?

A:  The rubberized rungs on the Padded Ladder do not contain latex.

Q:  Is the material on the Padded Ladders easy to clean?

A:  Yes, simply clean with any disinfectant, similar to how you would clean any vinyl surface.

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