Kids Padded Ladders

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Warranty: 24 months

Hang, climb and swing on these fun, padded ladders, designed to be used in all kinds of obstacle courses or as independent stations. Kids will improve strength, agility, balance, and confidence through gross motor training on fun and safe equipment!

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Starting at  $599.99
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Built for Club

The Padded Ladders take indoor climbing to the next level with so many options for set-up!  However you choose to set them up, Padded Ladders are sure to be a favorite for preschool and ninja classes and in obstacle course work! Wide-rung ladder designed by Occupational Therapist, Gene Hurwin.

  • Choose from the 6 ft tall Wide-Rung or 8 ft tall Standard-Rung version. The rungs are intentionally spaced differently on each version.
  • Solid birch wood
  • Padded rungs 
  • Padded notch cutout at the end of each rail so the ladder can sit securely on various height rungs in the system or on any training bar with 1-1/2” rails! 
  • Includes a heavy duty double-sided Velcro strapping system to join multiple ladders together in creative ways.
  • A single ladder can be used with various other equipment such as training bars or wall mounted Stall Bars.
  • The Wide-Rung Padded Ladder can be used in a system of (4) that creates a “tower”, ideal for climbing and affixing other ladder pieces (see photos below). Users are both physically and mentally challenged as they navigate through the various dynamic obstacles. 

Perfect for Home

These ladders are great for any indoor playground space for kiddos who like to be on the move! Kids love the padded rungs because they are super easy to grip and hold. Parents, coaches and teachers love the padded rungs for safety!

There is no end to the number of uses for these durably crafted Padded Ladders. Hang under, climb above, swing, balance - all while building kid’s confidence in a fun way!

  • Wide-Rung Ladder is 6 feet long (tall) x 29 inches wide O.D; 25 1/4 inches I.D. The rungs are spaced 20 inches apart.
  • Standard-Rung Ladder is 8 feet long (tall) x 21 inches wide O.D.; 17 1/2 inches I.D. The rungs are spaced 10 inches apart.
Is there a weight limit for Padded Ladders?

We recommend no one weighing more than 150 lbs. climb on the Padded Ladders.

Is the material padded material easy to clean?

Yes, simply clean with any disinfectant similar to how you would clean any vinyl surface.

Is there latex in the PPR material on the Kids Padded Ladders?

No, the PPR material is latex-free.


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