Level 3 & Xcel Silver Vault Bundle (40in)

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Create a variable height vault station for Level 3 and Xcel Silver athletes. This modular stack of high-quality mats are as useful individually as they are connected.

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This four-piece system consists of one 5-ft x 10-ft x 24-in Folding Incline we call ‘The Big Cheese’ and three 5-ft x 5-ft x 8-in Modular Mats that make up the required 32-in, 40-in and 48-in height landing surfaces. All pieces are covered in premium 18oz vinyl and have Velcro connections that secure the stack of mats together during the most rigorous Level 3 or Xcel Silver vault training sessions!

When this bundle isnt being used for Level 3 vaulting, the mats can be used in a variety of useful ways around the gym.  For example, The Big Cheese is 10-feet of inclined surface - sure to be useful in tumbling progressions for all ages and levels. The Modular Practice Mats feature four sides of Velcro flaps, allowing them to be connected end-to-end or side-to-side. Use them for progressive Yurchenko drills or place them under a rope or aerial station for a safe start and finish to high performance activities. All of the mats in this bundle will quickly become indispensable in your gym program.

This bundle is also available in 32-inch height or 48-inch height.

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