Beginners Board Punching Drill

Learning to punch the board with a tight body and correct shape is a must and this drill will help get them there.

Front Handspring Body Shaping Vault Drill

Using the Orbiter for front handspring training is fun and easy for all.

Full Extension Shoulder Blocking with Mini Trak

Using the Mini Trak for hand placement in a front handspring vault teaches the athlete to be tight and quick.

Handstand Flatback Drill

Heel drive- use the Air Barrel, Pit Pillow and have fun creating a fast turn over for the flatback.

Shoulder Blocking and Extension

Using the T-trainer as a low vault table will help the athlete to understand the body tension and fast shoulder action needed for a strong block.

Shoulder Blocking Drill for Vault

How far can you go? Use the Tumbl Tape to increase speed, and efficiency of the block for vault.

Shoulder Blocking Drill Onto Pit Pillow for Vault

Front Handspring vaults require a strong block, this drill is fun to do and will help to create great body lines.

Shoulder Blocking with Air Platform Mat

That low entry into the vault table creates the lift needed to be successful, this drill is a great way to introduce that concept.

Tsukahara Beginners Progression

Learning to round off up hill is the first step for the Tsukahara vault.

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