Acro Dance Pass Training

Using the Air Floor is vital for dancers to get repeitions in for acro skills without the stress on their bodies.

Air Barrel & Cradles Wall Station

Need a wall in the middle of the room, the Air Barrel with Cradles is just the answer.

Backwards Bean Bag Grab

Tackle the fear of going backward with the Air Barrel and Bean Bags.

Beginning a Front Tuck Beam Mount

Try a Front tuck beam mount? Why not, with the air pit and mat you can practice until you get it.

Colorful Cartwheels

Build a Mat's are perfect for creating cartwheel stations, the different colors are a great aide for the athlete on where to put their hands.

Core & Hip Mobility & Strengthening

Dancers use sliders to increase core control, hip flexibility and movility, strengthing ankles and quads.

Dancer Hip & Split Flexibility

Dancers need hip flexibility and stability and these slider exercises provide immediate feedback to the athlete.

Folding Incline Kickovers

The Folding Incline is the perfect place to start kickovers, folded it makes the skill easy, open it up for more of a challenge.

Home Training Beam Set-up

The Laser Beam Lite is perfect to perfect your skills at home and can easily stack on panel mats to add height.

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