Conditioning with Air

Hot Spots and Blocks make great spots for group conditioning.

Core & Hip Mobility & Strengthening

Dancers use sliders to increase core control, hip flexibility and movility, strengthing ankles and quads.

Dancer Hip & Split Flexibility

Dancers need hip flexibility and stability and these slider exercises provide immediate feedback to the athlete.

Leg Tightening for Jumps & Leaps

Activation of the back leg in jumps and leaps is hard to master, using the Fitness Wheel you can create a fun and safe station to develop leaps and jumps.

Strong Kicks with Sliders

Forward and Side skills require a strong kick to take the athlete over the top, this slider drill gives immediate feedback to the athlete.

Tick Tocks

Understanding the shoulder flexion required for walkovers is important, giving a prop for the feet will increase awareness of the movement required for the shoulders.

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