Adding Resistance to Needle Kicks

TheraBands can help increase flexibility by adding resistance to kicks.

Beginners Press Handstand Progression

Simple and effective press handstand circuit can be used daily, easy set up and no spotting required.

Beginners Press to Handstand Drill

Presses are awesome but building them takes work, this simple but effective drill works wonders.

Building Inverted Strength for Beginners

Obstacles and manipulatives help understand the weight transfer, as well as the upper body strength needed for cartwheels.

Chin Levers

Start Shapes and Strength early- chin levers are so important.

Conditioning with Air

Hot Spots and Blocks make great spots for group conditioning.

Core & Hip Mobility & Strengthening

Dancers use sliders to increase core control, hip flexibility and movility, strengthing ankles and quads.

Core and Shoulder Strengthening

Rings need core and shoulder strength, these adjustable rings are awesome to build strength and success.

Core Strengthening and Shaping With Sliders

Using sliders to understand the push/ pull and shapes required of the shoulder and chest for many skills.

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