Adding Resistance to Needle Kicks

TheraBands can help increase flexibility by adding resistance to kicks.

Air Barrel & Cradles Wall Station

Need a wall in the middle of the room, the Air Barrel with Cradles is just the answer.

Air Floor Beam Warm-Ups

Repition is the name of the game for balance beam, the air floor lines make this possible for jumps and leaps, it is safe and fun.

Back Extension Roll to Push Up

The Forster Bar and Folding Incline are a great side station to teach the Back Extension to Push-up- floor and bars in one station.

Back Handspring Body Wave

Understanding the body wave effect during the back handspring is crutial for development, this station is a great way to teach this.

Back Handspring Step Out on Air Floor Pro

Beam training around the gym- outside or on a hard surface? Try the Air floor pro and watch confidence grow.

Back Handspring up to an Elevated Height

Closed shoulders a problem on beam- try going up hill onto the Power Launch, fun, safe and a great way to start back handsprings.

Back Handspring using the Half Round

Need more floor beams, try the 1.2 round, safe stable and great to start beam skill like the back handspring.

Back Layout Flat Body Shaping

Flat body for the layout position is tricky, this drill is fun and safe and will have quick results.

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