Shinobi Ninja Training Stepping Stones

Warranty: 24 months

Shinobi Training Stones are 12in x 18in x 8in offering an ideal sized piece of equipment that can be used all around your facility for obstacle courses, ninja training, recreational classes and much more!

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The Shinobi Ninja Training Stepping Stones are a great tool for teaching balance and coordination. The large surface gives the athlete plenty of room to get their footing, while the unstable shape allows them to strenghten their core and balancing skills.   Flip the Shinobi Training Stones upside down for even more fun!

  • The black vinyl on top is embossed to give it a little more texture. 
  • Each Stepping Stone is 12-in x 18-in x 8-in.
  • Standard color - orange/black
  • Sold in a set of four.

Are there handles on the stepping stones?

No, there are no handles on this product.  However, they are lightweight and easy to carry.


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