Spieth Sting Landing Mats

Starting at  $315.00
Warranty: 24 months

This competition and training mat is both lightweight and versatile, providing extra cushioning for landings. These mats are for supplemental use with regular landing mats, and should be used in conjunction with a base landing mat.

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Starting at  $315.00
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Sting Mats are essential for reducing stress on the body during landings of high impact skills. The 5cm thick foam (just under 2-inches) offers some relief to joints. Easy to toss in and out of the station between athlete turns.

The flexible foam is appropriate to use on a spring floor or other tumbling surface, on top of a mat stack or even draped over a bar or beam.

• Sting Mats are covered with our extra soft 18 oz. brushed denim
• Cushioned landings
• Use in conjunction with other mats
• Available in two sizes
• Non-Folding

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