Vault Runway

Warranty: 12 months

This 84-ft long carpeted vault runway provides the ultimate surface for vault approach. Its firm surface offers traction and bounce, facilitating powerful, precise take-offs for vaulting.

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  • Meets FIG, USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications
  • Constructed of blue carpet and bonded to a layer of dense foam
  • Runway is 3′ wide x 84′ long (.92m x 25m) and is 1-3/8″ thick

Owning a vault runway is a must for any serious gymnastics program or athlete. Here's why we recommend it:

Safety:Consistency in training surfaces is vital for safety. A quality vault runway provides a reliable and predictable surface, reducing the risk of injuries during practice sessions.

Skill Refinement: A vault runway is purpose-built to refine skills. It's the essential tool for perfecting the approach, take-off, and landing, helping athletes master technique and precision.

Performance Enhancement: The right runway allows gymnasts to generate power and momentum for more advanced and impactful vault routines, leading to improved performance outcomes.


Hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is a very good way to maintain the appearance and hygiene of the cheer surface. Regular vacuuming is also helpful. Do not use "soap" in the hot water extraction process. If all the soap is not removed then the runway will feel sticky and the remaining soap will attract more dirt and grime.

You can steam clean with a disinfectant such as Odoban, MicroBan, or Sporicidin. Cleaning frequency will depend on your level of use. The foam on the back will not absorb water like the carpet pad in your homes or offices. Since the water will not soak through the carpet into the pad, more water may be used.

Caution -- Water will leak through the seams to the floor below. Be sure to vacuum the water out of the carpet. Place several fans to blow air across the surface of the floor. Use caution not to get the gym floor wet under the rolls. It is a good idea to roll the runway up off of the floor to inspect for any water.

Sanitizing the surface

Check with the athletic department and see what they use in cleaning the training room tables and for sanitizing the areas. City health departments are recommending a one to ten part solution of bleach to water for germ killing. A bleach solution of one to ten will not harm or discolor the carpet. An extra rinsing might be required to remove the bleach smell. Use caution as the bleach will ruin most clothing in comes in contact with.

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