5-ft x 10-ft Mat Stack by Spieth

Warranty: 12 Months

This 4-mat stack system by Spieth America includes two 5'x10'x 16" base mats and two additional 5'x10'x8" mats to provide maximum versatility for a variety of heights.

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The 5-ft x 10-ft Mat Stack by Spieth is great for competitive and recreational programs.  The combination of 4 different mats can be used individually or together to create a mat stack that can be 32-in, 40-in or 48-in high.

  • Inner foam is prime, 100% unfilled polyurethane
  • All mats are covered in tough, 18oz. PVC vinyl and breather mesh for durability.
  • Mats secure to each other with 4in hook and loop fastener.
  • Yellow hook and loop fasteners are permanently attached 32-in from the front edge of each section.
  • Measuring and taping are not required.
  • The 8-in mats feature lattice construction which provides outstanding shock absorption.

12 month craftsmanship and materials warranty.

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