Athlete Wellness and Recovery Kit

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This group of tools has been selected by renowned Physical Therapist and athlete advocate, Dave Tilly. All the tools needed prepare muscles and joints for workout, recover post workout and track daily progress in a convenient travel bag.

BONUS! Each purchase includes 7 videos from Dave Tilley that demonstrates how to use each product within the kit.

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Dave Tilley

Dr. Dave Tilley of Shift Movement Science has been committed to helping improve athlete performance with science backed tools.

BONUS! Each purchase includes 7 videos from Dave Tilley that demonstrates how to use each product within the kit.

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MSRP: $99.99
Hot Deal  $89.99 $99.99
Was  $99.99
You save $10.00
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Dr. Dave Tilly, founder of Shift Movement Science is an internationally recognized expert in gymnastics sports medicine who is passionate about athlete progress via safe, healthy and effective preparation of the body. He combined his 20+ years as a gymnast, coach, researcher, and medical provider, and teamed up with us at Tumbl Trak to create a kit that is a one stop shop for athletes who are concerned with maintaining optimal health. The kit includes the following carefully selected tools:

  • Foam Roller
  • Lacrosse Ball
  • Peanut Roller
  • Loop Band
  • Athlete’s Wellness Journal
  • Travel bag

This travel-friendly kit is designed to be compact and portable for on-the go wellness for hard working athletes! Between the kit itself, the training journal, and the training videos, athletes will have everything they need to take care of themselves to get the most out of their performance and health.

  • Foam roller has a screw on end where the lacrosse ball and peanut ball will fit inside for easy transportation.
  • Resistance Band: 15cm wide, 5' in length. Non-Latex .45MM thickness which is a Medium strength
  • The Carry Bag will fit everything in there along with an additional pouch for sliders if they choose that additional accessory.
  • Package Details: 14” x 9” x 20”
  • Weight Limit: 200 #

Pre Practice Soft Tissue Prep
A whole body soft tissue preparation is one of the best things that athletes can do before they start a practice. It helps to increase blood flow to muscles, reduce perceived soreness, and start the process of getting mobility ready for what movements may come in training. We break down teh basics of what athletes can do for a quick and efficient whole body roll out.

Shoulder Mobility Complex
Overhead shoulder mobility is one of the most important things for athletes to measure, improve, and maintain. There are a variety of muscular groups that often get stiff, and others that might get undertrained. In this video, we break down a specific complex to help improve overhead mobility using soft tissue care, specific stretching, active flexibility drills, and technique work.

Wrist Mobility Complex
The wrists are commonly a site of soreness and limited mobility in athletes. It’s important to make sure that the soft tissue of the wrist, along with the joint it’s self. We break down how to go about this in a quick circuit that can be easily used.

Right/Left Split Mobility Complex
Right and left splits are an element that many athletes in aesthetic sports like gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or circus are aiming for. It’s often times overwhelming to find specific, efficient circuits that can help. In this video, we break down the soft tissue, stretching, active flexibility, and strength work that can assist in achieving full splits.

Straddle Split Mobility Complex
For anyone in aesthetic sports like gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or circus, having full hip mobility into a straddle position is something many people work for. There are a variety of problems that can come up limiting this motion. In this video, we highlight some of the key elements to focus on when doing complexes to improve straddle split mobility.

Leg Tightening Complex
Having good form and ’tight’ legs during skill work is important for gymnasts and other sports that use jumps, leaps, and execution skills for scoring. In this video, we break down some easy exercises that athletes can use at home to improve this.

Ankle Mobility Complex
Limited ankle mobility is often times an issue for many young athletes, that creates problems both in performance and possible injury risk. A combination of soft tissue work, joint mobility, and strength is often needed to help improve this. In this video, we cover some of the easy exercises that can be done to assist in improving ankle mobility.

Can I buy a replacement journal once my athlete has filled the original one in the kit?

Yes, you can purchase a replacement journal right here on this page when the one that came with the kit is filled out.

Is the journal blank inside or do the pages have specific questions or prompts for the athletes?

The journal is comprised of daily pages, weekly pages, monthly pages and 'year-in-review' pages.  Each page indicates how to complete each page and/or section.  Here is a video that helps to explain how the journal works.

Is there room in the bag for grips and other items?

Yes, there is a bit of extra room in the gym bag for addtional, small items.


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