Acro Crazed!

| by Tumbl Trak

Gymnastics and dance are two forms of movement that seem to be joined at the hip. In the TV series, Dancing with the Stars, Olympic athletes, Nastia, Shawn, Aly, Laurie and most recently, Si … Read Post >

Dancer Technique for Gymnastics Skills

| by Tumbl Trak

For Jody Nichols, teaching dance and theater arts to students is second nature. But, when asked to use her expertise to help gymnasts, Jody had to take a step back and view dance skills with … Read Post >

The Evolving World of Dance

| by Tumbl Trak

Contributor: Alissa Zumer, Tumbl Trak Sales Associate & Dance Teacher   The dance world is always changing and evolving and good dance teachers must change and evolve with it.   … Read Post >

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