Parent Tip: I know its only October....

| by Tumbl Trak

The Tumbl Trak Marketing Team has been thinking about the upcoming holidays for months now. We know the challenges many parents feel making gift choices for their kiddos. How do you know wh … Read Post >

Training a Hero - By Matt Langdon

| by Tumbl Trak

Have you ever seen something you knew was wrong but didn't do anything about it? We all have. It's human nature. But there is a way to overcome the psychological and social barriers to action … Read Post >

No Gym Membership Required!

| by Tumbl Trak

There are no limits to what some parents will do for their children. When it comes to our kids’ good health and fitness, the choices come easy as we schedule practices, competitions, c … Read Post >

Parent Tip: "Thank you, Coach"

| by Tumbl Trak

Contributed by Carrie Spender   At the end of every practice, my daughters huddle up with their team and start their clap happy, roaring team cheer. Then, a stampede of athletes head to … Read Post >

Parent Tip: The cost of a kip

| by Tumbl Trak

A friend left a copy of the September 9, 2017 issue of Time Magazine on my desk with a sticky note that said, “You’re not alone!”. On the cover, a little league baseball pl … Read Post >

Q & A from the Peanut Gallery...

| by Tumbl Trak

By Carrie Spender, Tumbl Trak Educational Coordinator and mom of two competitive gymnasts Preparing for a gymnastics meet is a huge undertaking for coaches, athletes, parents, judges, and vol … Read Post >

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