Boundex Lycra Sensory Cuddle Box

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The Boundex was developed by Eileen Richter, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA, to engage babies and young children and foster their innate drive to develop and use their bodies as nature intended by providing a unique sensory motor activity. Patent 9,314,389 B2

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Eileen Richter

Eileen Richter, OTL envisioned a space where children could stretch their bodies while growing stronger with play and exploration.

MSRP: $499.99
Hot Deal  $449.99 $499.99
Was  $499.99
You save $50.00
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Built for Clubs

The Boundex Sensory Cuddle Box is a steel frame wrapped in foam and several layers of lycra. The overall impact of the Boundex Cuddle Box lies in the exceptional sensory motor experience it offers a child. In simple terms, the following support-to-development is observed as the child moves on the apparatus:
  • Triggers the child's drive to explore and challenge gravity using the total body.
  • Elongation, activation, strengthening and grading core muscles of the body.
  • Develops strength and stability of the shoulders, arms and hands through grasp, weight bearing, and weight shifting.
  • Promotes 3 dimensional, refined movement of hands through expansion and gradation.
  • Develops strength and stability of the pelvis, knees and feet through weight bearing, expansion, weight shift, and gradation, which leads to 3 dimensional, refined movement.
  • Facilitates stability with mobility throughout the body (no fixing/holding or compensatory patterns)
  • Vestibular, somatosensory integration is promoted with each action for improving balance and coordination.
  • Increases depth and variability of respiration/encourages vocalization.
  • The child's movement actively facilitates integration of primitive reflexes allowing the emergence of 3 dimensional motor patterns.
  • The child's movements develop controlled gradation of multiple muscle synergies, i.e. top/bottom, left/right, front/back, diagonal/rotational.

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Perfect for Home

Bounce, stretch, snuggle, sit or hide surrounded by a pool of stretchy, responsive lycra. Children will thrive in this naturally engaging piece of equipment designed by Eileen Richter, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA. Infants and young children use the gently resistant lycra to push and pull, building strength, coordination and balance in this unique setting.

  • 51 inches x 51 inches and 39 inches high frame with padded rails.
  • Quick release knobs allow the frame to be disassembled quickly and transported in it's travel bag for on-the-go families to take the Boundex everywhere.
  • Click here for more information on the benefits of lycra in therapy.


Need a replacement set of Lycra, click here.


Patent 9,314,389 B2

Size/Dimensions: 51" x 51" x 34", 38 lbs.
Frame- Steel with foam padding on the cross braces
Lycra- 3 layers of Lycra, machine washable
Rubber Feet
Knobs: Easy Adjust D-2 Knobs
Weight limit of participant- 100 lbs.

Download the Boundex Assembly Instructions here.

Is the Boundex mobile? Can it store away?

Absolutely! The Boundex was designed with parents and traveling therapists in mind. The frame quickly breaks down to fit nicely in the back of your car for easy transport or in your closet when not in use.

What is the weight limit for the Boundex?

The Boundex can be used for children up to 100 lbs, but tends to be most therapeutic for children between 20-40 lbs, or about 7 months - 4 years old. Smaller, younger children have more opportunities for movement when using the Boundex, increasing the benefits of the product. If you choose to use the product for a child over 40 lbs, we recommend adding a Teddy Bear Mat or other landing mat beneath the Boundex. A good rule of thumb is, if the child can climb out of the product or sinks to the ground the product is no longer therapeutic.

How do I clean the lycra?

To clean, machine wash and hang dry the lycra.

Do you offer replacement or spare sets of Lycra?

Yes, you can purchase a set of the three lycra layers here.


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