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Tumbl Trak's colorful Fitness wheel has inflatable rings with a "trampoline style" bed that forms one closed side. Great for fun and games in a preschool class, beginner vault stations, or to develop motor skills for students with adaptive needs.

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MSRP: $1,499.99 - $1,899.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $1,349.99
Was  Starting at  $1,499.99
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Schools and clubs find the Fitness Wheel to be one of their most practical, but fun, investments. It elicits creativity, ideation and social engagement for recreational gymnastics and special needs students. Each ring on the 5-foot and 8- foot diameter Fitness Wheels can be inflated independently for use at varying heights ranging from 12-inches to 32-inches high, making it suitable for all ages and skill levels.  Want to turn your Fitness Wheel into a Sensory Swing?  Bundle your purchase with the Fitness Wheel Hammock.

  • Features bright colors for teaching and helpful class management of children of all ages and skill levels.
  • Can be used with the tramp side up or down.  However, it is not intended to be used as a trampoline (the bed is strung up with bungees, not springs)
  • Accommodates multiple learners at one time.
  • Stable enough to use upright as a wall station or fun rolling station.
  • Heavy duty handles for ease in carrying.
  • Secure Fitness Wheel in place with strong d-rings.
  • Strategically placed Velcro allows for multiple attachments.
  • Includes Electric Air Pump (ahp-1205).
  • A bonus video showing best uses and drills for the Fitness Wheel is included with every purchase.
  • The Fitness Wheel is protected by U.S. Pat. No. 9,364,699
5ft Fitness Wheel
5ft diameter (OD)
12in high with 1 ring inflated
24in high with 2 rings inflated
43 lbs.
8ft Fitness Wheel
8ft diameter (OD)
16in high with 1 ring inflated
32in high with 2 rings inflated
75 lbs.
D-rings are strategically placed around the outer edge allowing for easy attachment to other pieces of equipment using the 8ft Cinch Straps.
The Velcro squares around the top perimeter secure items like Fun Sticks or Velcro Numbers to the top of the Fitness Wheel.
Heavy duty webbed handles make the unit easy to transport and are thoughtfully placed so that children can hold onto the handles while doing activities with the wheel on its edge.

Download the Fitness Wheel Owner's Manual here. Watch the Air Product Troubleshooting video here.

Is the Fitness Wheel hard to inflate? Is a blower included in the purchase?

Each ring of the Fitness Wheel inflates separately, but they inflate very quickly with the electric pump included in the purchase.

Can the wheel be used tipped up on its side to roll the kids around?

Absolutely! The Fitness Wheel is a huge hit when used on it's side. We have seen kids who are fearful of going upside down make tremendous progress when the wheel is set-up in such a fun way.

How do I clean my Fitness Wheel?

Simple Soap and water will do the trick, do not use a bleach product.

Can I hang my Fitness Wheel like a swing?

Yes, we recommend using the Fitness Wheel Hammock for this very purpose.

Does the Fitness Wheel have a recommended weight limit?

Yes, we recommend no more than 150 lbs.

The bed of my Fitness Wheel seems loose.  What should I do?

If the bed is too loose, add more air and make sure the unit is fully inflated.  Remember, the Fitness Wheel is not intended to be used as a trampoline.


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