Fitness Wheel Hammock

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Turn your Fitness Wheel into a hanging sensory station with the Fitness Wheel Hammock. Designed for snug compatibility with the 5' Fitness Wheel, clients will love swinging, spinning, rocking, and balancing safely in the suspended wheel.

MSRP: $199.99
Hot Deal  $179.99 $199.99
Was  $199.99
You save $20.00
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How do you make our most fun product even more fun? Turn it into a swing! The Fitness Wheel Hammock is our answer to the many therapists and sensory experts who recognized the Fitness Wheel as a sensational tool for swinging, swaying, balancing, rocking, and spinning. The Hammock is made of a lightweight, sturdy nylon hammock attached to premium grade, soft webbing. We covered the webbing with soft fleece in places where children might come in contact with the webbing during use. The Hammock has several loop placements to hang the Fitness Wheel at various heights.

Note: Suspension hardware not included.

  • Straps are 48" long from the point of attachment to the hammock, to the loops at top.
  • Metal clips are intended to clip to the D-rings at the side of the fitness wheel to keep the wheel snuggly in place.
Can I use this hammock with other mats?

The shape and design of the hammock is specific to the 5' Fitness Wheel. It is not recommended to use this hammock with other mats.

Does the Hammock attach to the wheel?

Yes, there are lengths of yellow webbing with clips on the ends. Clip directly to the four D-rings on the wheel and adjust the webbing to fit snuggly to the wheel.

What is the weight limit for the Hammock?

The maximum weight limit for a user is 100 pounds. The Hammock is able to accommodate this amount of weight in addition to the weight of the wheel. Please consider the load capacity of the place it's being used for the safety of the user.


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