Sticky Manipulatives

Starting at  $42.99
Warranty: 24 Months

Place these 4” vinyl, Velcro Manipulatives where students need direction and fun! Choose from colorful groups of shapes, alphabet, numbers, or arrows.

Buy all 4 sets together in our Coach Toolkit, get FREE Shipping!

Buy all 4 sets together in our Coach Toolkit, get FREE Shipping!

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Starting at  $42.99
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Boost your stations and obstacle courses with these handy Velcro Manipulatives. Made of durable vinyl and digitally printed with all 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 numbers, 10 arrows that will point kids in all kinds of pathways and directions, and colorful shapes to help with recognition. Add these letters and shapes to add an academic flair to your lessons!

  • 4in. Vinyl Squares
  • Printed in various colors
  • Arrows: Left, Right, Straight, Zig Zag, Loop, Curvey
  • Shapes: Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Star, Oval
  • Alphabet: Capital Letters A-Z
  • Numbers: 1-10

To purchase a set with ALL four options and get free shipping, visit the Coach's Toolkit page.

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