Velcro Hands and Feet

Warranty: 24 Months

Teaching hand and foot positioning for tumbling with young gymnasts/cheerleaders is easy and fun with Tumbl Trak™ Velcro Hands and Feet!

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Use Tumbl Trak™ Velcro Hands and Feet to visually teach young children hand and foot placement in many tumbling skills. A must-have manipulative for every teacher/coach toolbox!

  • Features soft denim fabric with hook Velcro on the back for easy application on any closed loop carpeted surface.
  • Color coded for easy recognition ("red" for right and "lemon" for left).
  • Set of five includes: 2 single hands (Red and Yellow), 2 single feet (Red and Yellow) and 1 double feet (Red and Yellow)
  • Machine wash, lay flat to dry.

How many pieces are included?

The set includes 2 single hands (Red-right, Lemon-left), 2 single feet (Red-right, Lemon-left) and 1 double feet.

Are the Hands & Feet washable?

Absolutely, throw in the washing machine, lay flat to dry.

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