Velcro Hands and Feet

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Teaching hand and foot positioning for tumbling with young gymnasts/cheerleaders is easy and fun with Tumbl Trak™ Velcro Hands and Feet!

Developed by Tumbl Trak Innovator Chris Calvert

Chris Calvert was tired of adjusting poly spot floor markers in her gym. She asked, "Can we make Hand and Feet Markers that stay put on a gymnastics floor?" -- Why, yes, we can!

MSRP: $79.99
Hot Deal  $71.99 $79.99
You save $8.00
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Use Tumbl Trak™ Velcro Hands and Feet to visually teach young children hand and foot placement in many tumbling skills. A must-have manipulative for every teacher/coach toolbox!

  • Features soft denim fabric with hook Velcro on the back for easy application on any closed loop carpeted surface.
  • Color coded for easy recognition ("red" for right and "lemon" for left).
  • Set of five includes: 2 single hands (Red and Yellow), 2 single feet (Red and Yellow) and 1 double feet (Red and Yellow)
  • Machine wash, lay flat to dry.

How many pieces are included?

The set includes 2 single hands (Red-right, Lemon-left), 2 single feet (Red-right, Lemon-left) and 1 double feet.

Are the Hands & Feet washable?

Absolutely, throw in the washing machine, lay flat to dry.


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