Carpet Wall Overlays

MSRP: $69.99 - $149.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $62.99
Was  Starting at  $69.99
Warranty: 24 Months

Tumbl Trak's™ Carpet Overlay adds an instant carpet wall to your gym. In gymnastics, there are so many reasons why a carpet wall is useful.

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MSRP: $69.99 - $149.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $62.99
Was  Starting at  $69.99
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The Carpet Wall Overlay allows coaches to set up a variety of activities by securing any of Tumbl Trak's™ products that feature hook Velcro, such as Hands and Feet, Tumbl Tape and Numbers, Half Rounds and Fun Sticks, directly to the overlay. Ideal for working handstands and other drills. 

  • Hook Velcro border on the backside adheres to Tumbl Trak's™ Power Launch, Air Floor PRO, 4-foot x 8-foot x 8-inch Practice Mat or other closed loop surfaces, like Carpet Bonded Foam.
  • Available in three sizes: Small (4-feet x 6-feet), Medium (5-feet x 10-feet) and Large (6.5 -feet x 10-feet).
  • Can be vacuumed or use a mild soapy solution to spot clean.
  • Closed loop carpet on top
  • Hook Velcro sewn around the perimeter of the back
  • Available in three sizes.
What accessories can be used on the Carpet Overlays?

So many! Half Rounds, Booster Blocks, Hot Spots, Sweet Spots, Fun Sticks, Hands and Feet, Tumbl Tape, Sticky Manipulatives, Ninja Slants, Teddy Bear Mats, Pit Pillows, Air Floors..and more, are compatible with the carpet overlay and would create dynamic stations for all kinds of learning!

What does the Carpet Wall Overlay attach to?

The small size fits on Tumbl Trak's™ Power Launch, the medium size unit fits on the 3M Air Floor PRO and the large fits on the 5ft x 10ft Folding Incline (the Big Cheese). However, with the hook Velcro™ border on the back, it can also connect to anything with a closed-loop surface.

How big are the Carpet Wall Overlays?

They are available in three sizes: Small: 48'' x 72'' (4' x 6'), Medium: 78" x 118, and Large: 60'' x 120''

Is the Carpet Overlay machine washable?

The Carpet Overlays can be vacuumed, or use a mild soapy solution to spot clean.


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