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Tumbl Trak's™ Air Floor PRO is an air-filled tumbling track, commonly called an air track. It's great for cheer or gymnastics clubs, dance studios, mobile programs, or at home. You'll notice a big difference in quality from our competitor's products.

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MSRP: $1,449.99 - $3,099.99
Hot Deal  Starting at  $1,304.99
Was  Starting at  $1,449.99
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Built for Club

The Air Floor PRO is made with a higher quality, eco-friendly material that is lighter weight, more durable and does not have harsh or damaging chemicals. The Air Floor PRO comes in three sizes, 3, 6 and 9-meters, and features a numbered centered line for use as a visual aid for tumbling.

  • Thicker and bouncier version of Tumbl Trak's™ standard 3-inch Air Floor.
  • Not required to be placed on a padded surface due to its thickness.
  • Use as an all-around training aid or substitute for a Rod Floor.
  • Connect two or more units end-to-end to create longer tumbling strips. If you purchase two or more strips, be sure to add the filler pieces to your cart as an accessory. These will help close the gap between the seams.
  • 3-meter unit includes d-rings that allow it to be secured for a variety of uses, including uneven bar station.
  • Velcro perimeter along the edge of the top surface allows for the attachment of a variety of Tumbl Trak™ teaching tools, such as Tumbl Tape or Carpet Overlay.
  • Includes an electric pump and convenient carrying bag.

Perfect for Home

Noted as the thickest and bounciest version in Tumbl Trak's™Air Floor product line, the Air Floor PRO allows gymnasts, cheerleaders and acro dancers to train tumbling skills right from the comfort of home while minimizing the risk for injury.

Keep safety considerations in mind when selecting an air product for use at home.  Tumbl Trak's Air Floor Pro is 6.5 feet wide providing a nice safe width for beginner tumblers. Unlike the thinner 3in thick standard Air Floors, the Air Floor PROs can be used directly on a hard floor without the need for additional padding underneath.

  • 2m wide (approx. 6.5ft)
  • 20cm high (approx. 8in)
  • Weights: 3M-65 lbs., 6M- 108 lbs., 9M- 140 lbs.
  • Made in Korea. Designed in the USA.

Download the Air Floor PRO Owner's Manual or Cleaning Instructions here.

Watch the Air Product troubleshooting video here.

How long should I expect my Air Floor PRO to stay inflated?

The Air Floor PRO should remain inflated overnight. Most times, you will need to top off the air with a few pumps from the hand pump in the morning. Note: extreme air temperature changes may cause the air inside to constrict or expand which may be a factor in how tight or soft your Air Floor Pro feels.

What is the weight limit for the Air Floor PRO?

There are many factors to consider- age, skill, surface, etc.  Generally, we would say that no one weighing more than 200 lbs. should use the Air Floor PRO.  Give careful consideration to the hardness of the surface underneath the Air Floor Pro, especially for heavier athletes.

My Air Floor PRO is losing air overnight, what should I do?

Double check that your valve is in the closed position when you inflate it, especially with the Hand Pump. Check the Air Floor PRO Owner's Manual for more detailed instructions.

To what pressure should I inflate my Air Floor PRO?

A pressure gauge is included with the purchase of an Air Floor PRO. We recommend inflating air products that are 20cm thick to a pressure of 0.5-2.0 psi.

How long does it take to inflate?

With the electric pump included with your purchase, the 3M Air Floor PRO can be inflated in under 1 minute, 6M in under 2 minutes and the 9M in under 2.5 minutes.

Should you get a landing mat for Air Floor PRO?  If so, which one do you recommend?We would recommend a landing area at the end of your Air Floor PRO especially for higher level tumbling. The Air Floor PRO is 8" high, so the 6'x12'x12" Mat works really well at the end. Another, less expensive option would be to put the large Pit Pillow on top of the end of the Air Floor PRO.

How should I store and/or transport my air product?

Deflate the unit. Fold your unit in half and roll the unit for storage. Always carry the Air Product. Do not drag the unit as it could catch on something that may cause damage.

What surface can I use my air product on?

Use on a level surface that is debris free. Warranty is void if used outside.

Is the Air Floor PRO available in custom colors?

At this time, we are unable to offer custom colors for this product.

Hello, what are the packed dimensions (orginal packaging) of a 20 ft air floor pro? Also I see the weight range is 50-130 lbs of all air floor pros but what is the weight for the 20 ft version?

The package dimensions for a 20ft Air Floor PRO are 8in x 25in x 48in. The unit in the box is approximately 50lbs. When placing an order for an Air Floor PRO you'll also be shipped an electric pump in a separate box. The package dimensions for the electric pump are 12in x 12in x 20in. The pump weighs approximately 11lbs.

What else do I need with my Air Floor PRO?

Thank you for your question.  There shouldn't be anything else you would need to be able to use the Air Floor PRO as it includes an electric pump and a carrying bag.  However, a few accessories we do recommend with the Air Floor PROs include the Folding Mini Ramp which provides a great lead up ramp that velcros right to the unit.  I also like the Booster Blocks that can be placed along the sides of the Air Floor PRO and make a great place for a coach to stand while spotting.  Also, consider if you need a landing surface at the end of the Air Floor PRO.  I recommend the 6'x12'x12" Dismount Mat.


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