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The Original Tumbl Trak™ is a training tool designed to allow for increased repetition of tumbling skills by decreasing stress placed on the body. Ours is the product that revolutionized how coaches teach and athletes learn proper and safe technique.

35 Years of Innovation by Doug Davis

Doug Davis is our company's founder and original innovator. On our 35th anniversary, we celebrate Doug and how he has revolutionized the sport helping countless athletes train smarter and safer!

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Starting at  $1,799.99
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Nothing beats the Original Tumbl Trak™! For beginner to elite level gymnasts, cheerleaders, and all other tumblers, the Tumbl Trak™ is a must-have piece of equipment for gymnastic clubs, cheerleading programs, dance acro facilities and any program where tumbling is important.

  • Helps athletes learn and perfect new skills and progressions more safely and efficiently.
  • Variety of accessories available to enhance the number of drills, skills, and stations you can create with the Tumbl Trak™ (easily transform the Tumbl Trak™ into a bar, vault or inclined tumbling station).
  • Common accessories to the Tumbl Trak include the Frame Bar, Quick Flex Bar, Downhill Inclines, Cross Supports for attaching Vault Blocks or the T-Trainer.
  • Useful loop Velcro strip along the edge of the bed for adding attachments like the Tumbl Tape to measure and lengthen tumbling skills.
  • Top mats with hook Velcro on the bottom can also be secured to the Velcro edging on the Tumbl Trak™.
  • Price includes frame, bed, springs, pads, spring tool and assembly video.
  • Side pads are highly recommended as they can help prevent injury.
  • We recommend the 7-feet x 14-feet x 18-inch Dismount Mat for the end of the Tumbl Trak.
  • The Tumbl Trak is not recommended to be used outside
  • Always use under the supervision of a trained coach
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with high grade powder coated finish
  • Steel frame is 83in wide x 21in high and comes in standard 10ft increments
  • Bed is 60in wide black polypropylene bed and will be about 6in shorter than the frame to accomodate for skipping holes during the springing process as well.
  • 6in tight coil Springs
  • 10in wide pads with 18 oz knife coated vinyl and 1-3/8in thick EVA foam.
All models ship via Motor Freight. Made in the USA

Download the Tumbl Trak Assembly Instructions here. 

What is the recommended ceiling height for a Tumbl Trak?

A minimum of 12 feet is the recommended ceiling height for a Tumbl Trak.

Can you wear shoes on the Tumbl Trak?

Shoes are not recommended for use on a standard Tumbl Trak bed. We have an Extreme Tumbl Trak that is made for use with shoes.

Are the pads over the springs included with the purchase?

Yes the pads are included with your purchase. There are a variety of optional accessories like the Dismount Mat, skirts, bars, and vault attachments which can be purchased separately.

What is the recommended Landing Mat for the Tumbl Trak?

We recommend the 7-feet x 14-feet x 18-inch Dismount Mat as the ideal size and mat for the end of an above-ground Tumbl Trak. Anything shorter or narrower is not considered safe. If you have an in-ground Tumbl Trak, you will likely have a loose-foam or resi-pit.

Can I use the Tumbl Trak outside?

The Tumbl Trak is made of powder coated steel with stainless steel springs.  Both of these will rust in an outdoor environment.  Therefore, we do not recommend using this product outdoors.

Is there a weight limit for the Tumbl Trak?

We suggest no one weighing more than 250 lbs. use the Tumbl Trak.

Does the Tumbl Trak fold?

No, the hinges on the Tumbl Trak will pivot slightly allowing for the rails to be inclined on an angle.  However, the only version of Tumbl Trak that folds is the Porta Trak.

Can you drop a regular Tumbl Trak in the ground so it is level with the floor or would I need to purchase the special Inground Tumbl Trak??

Yes, you can drop a regular Tumbl Trak in the ground so that it is level with the floor.  The width of the Tumbl Trak is 83-inches, so make sure your hole is between 84-85 inches so you have some leeway.  The benefit of the Inground Tumbl Trak is that it is less expensive because you are not purchasing the legs.

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